Großes Schloss (Aktuell)


Photographs from the 60s and 70s from the Nicola Erni Collection

21.01.2018 bis 27.05.2018


Brigitte Bardot with a blonde mane, Yves Saint-Laurent stark naked and Mick Jagger with a fur hat: icons from the worlds of film, fashion and music photographed by superstars such as Richard Avedon, Bert Stern and Helmut Newton resuscitate in the LUDWIGGALERIE the verve of life of the 1960s and 1970s.


The black and white photographs presented on coloured museum walls radiate with aplomb. Party, politics, fashion, music, art and the cult of the body are pictorially depicted by Warhol's Factory and the associated New York scene.


The Beatles letting off heat with a pillow fight, Twiggy as the new, androgynous supermodel and the stars of Hollywood reflect the important moments in time through impressive portraits.


Over 200 photographs from the Swiss Nicola Erni Collection document a Who's Who of celebrity society. With their adulation of the cult of the person, sensual pleasure and total devotion to the moment the photographs exude a sense of uninterrupted fascination.


Exhibition concept: Photography collection/Stadtmuseum Munich.


In cooperation with the Nicola Erni Collection and Ira Stehmann.

Kleines Schloss (Aktuell)

The Kunstverein as a guest of the LUDWIGGALERIE

Maik Wolf – Nukuhiva Map in the Kabinett: Cornelia Schleime – Seidenspinnerei (Silk Spinning)

04.02.2018 bis 22.04.2018


In the series PARALLEL – The Kunstverein as a guest of the LUDWIGGALERIE, the artist Maik Wolf is being shown in the Panorama Galerie and the artist Cornelia Schleime in the Kabinett.


In his art, Maik Wolf references past artistic concepts as a matter of course in order to create anew, and his works alternate between the influences of the New Objectivity movement and Magical Realism. In the exhibition with the title of "Nukuhiva Map" he staggers and folds associated architectures, signage and facades, twists and screws them, plugs them together and towers them up high. Set within sober landscapes these painterly image constructions patiently wait and appear to make time stand still in the backlight of coloured grounds. These paintings and the worlds they present are also inventions and fractional dreams that only slowly reveal their sense. Primarily they are grandiose stages and spaces of projection as well as impressive backdrops that must still search for their narrative.


Cornelia Schleime's paintings play on the fascination of the secretive and contradictory, and in her figurative painting she dissolves the borders between the external and internal world. "For me, the unpredictable, irrational, fragile, random and eruptive provide orientation," she says. It is precisely this ability to trace alternative realities, unsettling and irritating feelings and feasible but extraordinary, not-yet-experienced areas of life that is at the centre of her artistic oeuvre. In her current series "Seidenspinnerei" (Silk Spinning), Cornelia Schleime uses silk instead of paper for the first time as the painterly substrate. She discovered this new technique during a stay on the Canary Islands. Characteristic for the overall impression of these works is the transparent application of colour that does not completely conceal the softness and fragility of the material but renders it visible and perceivable in terms of its materiality and tactility.


The exhibitions are held in cooperation with the Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin.


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