Großes Schloss (Aktuell)

Vernissage: Samstag, den 20. Januar 2018 um 19 Uhr


Photographs from the 60s and 70s from the Nicola Erni Collection

21.01.2018 bis 27.05.2018


Brigitte Bardot with a blonde mane, Yves Saint-Laurent stark naked and Mick Jagger with a fur hat: icons from the worlds of film, fashion and music photographed by superstars such as Richard Avedon, Bert Stern and Helmut Newton resuscitate in the LUDWIGGALERIE the verve of life of the 1960s and 1970s.


The black and white photographs presented on coloured museum walls radiate with aplomb. Party, politics, fashion, music, art and the cult of the body are pictorially depicted by Warhol's Factory and the associated New York scene.


The Beatles letting off heat with a pillow fight, Twiggy as the new, androgynous supermodel and the stars of Hollywood reflect the important moments in time through impressive portraits.


Over 200 photographs from the Swiss Nicola Erni Collection document a Who's Who of celebrity society. With their adulation of the cult of the person, sensual pleasure and total devotion to the moment the photographs exude a sense of uninterrupted fascination.


Exhibition concept: Photography collection/Stadtmuseum Munich.


In cooperation with the Nicola Erni Collection and Ira Stehmann.

Kleines Schloss (Aktuell)

The collection O.

Old and new treasures from art owned by the city of Oberhausen

08.10.2017 bis 21.01.2018


The unusual and heterogeneous collection of formerly urban Gallery is composed both of fine graphic sheets, as well as high-quality paintings and small sculptures and includes exhibits about 1300. Here, the local ownership of the art reflects a piece of the history of the collection and the collection ways of the Ruhr (industrial) in the 2nd half of the 20th century. 1947 opened the first gallery in the area after the second world war, the collection is characterized by acquisitions of cause and directors and enriched by donations. Big names like Léger and Picasso here meet artists from the region and have that masterfully, on the diversity of the collection.


Since 1963, the urban collection houses an important part from the estate of the Oberhausen collector Kasimir Hagen. The collection Hunter passed on as a donation in Oberhausen art.


In the relatively short history of the collection, a diverse collection was put together for the city of Oberhausen, which combines high-quality and curiosities. It is the temporal and medial width, which makes this stock worth seeing.


The stock could through the support of the friends of the LUDWIG Gallery and private sponsorships are extended and usefully complemented in recent years. Also restorations were possible thanks to this commitment. The presentation gives testimony of the old and the new treasures of the collection O.


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