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Finding the Unexpected
Sam Shaw
60 Years of Photography
21 May to 17 September 2017


With the exhibition Finding the Unexpected. SAM SHAW. 60 Years of Photography, LUDWIGGALERIE Schloss Oberhausen dedicates itself to one of the most important American photographers of the 20th century. The various facets of the multifaceted work of Shaw, born in New York, are highlighted in a detailed and extensive presentation. Icons such as Marilyn Monroe from The Seven Year Itch can be seen (who doesn't remember the fluttering pleats skirt?) alongside his inventive portraits of artists and photo stories of poverty and crime.


Sam Shaw's career began as a photographer for Collier's magazine. He gained prominence with the essay How America Lives, displaying the multifarious faces of everyday American life in the 1940s far removed from the glitz and glamour of his later Hollywood shots. Portraits of stars, artists and intellectuals of the era embellish an array of magazine front pages such as LIFE or Look and determine our collective visual memory until the present day.


Movies are the major role model for his photography. As a result, Shaw frequently uses unusual perspectives reminiscent of camera angles in film sequences. An additional interest in painting is not only witnessed in the portraits of artists but also in highly painterly shots achieved using lenses with a longer focal length. The photographs have a narrative nature and are often designed as a series: whether the photographer accompanies Sophia Loren on a day of filming or pursuing children at play. Many motifs and city landscapes also reveal a graphic interest, and with nature shots Shaw favours early evening or morning hours with a low sun.


A wide-ranging retrospective can be seen at Oberhausen presenting around 230 black and white photographs in cooperation with the Shaw Family Archives New York. In addition to the classics, topical aspects from his 60-year career can also be seen focusing on sport, portraits, crime and the movies.


"Personally, I search to specifically find. For me it's a visual adventure to locate the unexpected or to see what'll happen around the next corner. I've only seldom arranged a photo compositionally – the only exception was the shot of Marilyn Monroe in the series with the fluttering dress." 


Kleines Schloss

SHOP! How we like it.

The Working Group Oberhausen artist exhibits.

12 March  to 18 June 2017


Inspired by the exhibition Let's BUY IT! in the main building the Arbeitskreis Oberhausener Künstler focuses on the tension between art and art marketing, consumption and commerce, desire and frustration Oberhausen artists this year: from March 12 to 18 June 2017, the small castle of LUDWIG Gallery transforms to the SHOP! In a mixture of supermarket, Department store, Gallery, Wunderkammer, prayer room and repair-Café, 42 artists present their work as a community concept.
"SHOP! How we like it"- leaves nothing to be desired! Since we 'Sacred cows' in art and society meet the game with the reality and our perception, critical approaches to globalization and our consumer behaviour as well as the 'bending over ware' - art to your knees and as necessary food.
The style of presentation and the abundance of topics invites visitors to embark on new formats, to touch and buy art and an exciting and also humorous discourse about various fields of the arts across: in addition to painting and graphics, assemblages, installations and objects of art, they expect projections and photographs to performance and dance.
"SHOP! How we  like it"- capitalist repertoire of desires and vanities.


Participating artists:

Rolf Adam, Michaela Best, Christina Böckler, Robert Bosshard, Helga Brune, Annette Brunöhler, Marta Martina Deli, Manfred Gliedt, Claudia A. Grundei, Regine Hattwig, Peter Helmke, Klaus Heuermann, Michael Houx, Helga Hütten, Hildegard Hugo, Karl Joliet, Klaus Jost,  Jott KAA, Simone Kamm, Vassiliki Karampataki, Kelbassa’ s Panoptikum (Detlef Kelbassa & Corinna Kuhn), Janet Kempken, Wolfgang Kleinöder, Ulrike Kösters, Helmut Kottkamp, Evangelos Koukouwitakis, Kuno Lange, Petra Leipold, Marie-Luise O’ Byrne-Brandl, Marjo Palm, Judith Pasquale, Sven Piayda, Rosemarie Pott, Alexander Ray, Jörg Rosendal, Dorothea Schaller, Ralf Schumann, Cornelia Schweinoch-Kröning, Barbara Verhoeven, Ursula Vondung, Heinrich Voss


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