Großes Schloss (Vorschau)

Vernissage: 20.01.2024, 19 Uhr

HIPGNOSIS.BREATHE - Album Cover Art and Photo Design by Aubrey Powell & Storm Thorgerson

Celebrating 50 Years THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON

21.01.2024 bis 20.05.2024


Hipgnosis, the legendary British photo design studio founded by Pink Floyd friends Aubrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson, designed some of the most famous record covers in music history between 1968 and 1983. For Pink Floyd Atom, Heart Mother, Wish You Were Here and Animals, among others. For Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy and Presence, for Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and for Peter Gabriel Car, Scratch and Melt. Record icon The Dark Side of the Moon just turned 50! In total, more than 415 cover designs have been created.


Syd Berett of Pink Floyd is said to have sprayed the name on the studio door. The contradictory, ironic union of the meaning of hip – new, cool, trendy and gnosis – ancient Greek for knowledge immediately appealed to the two designers. The exhibition brings together the duo's most important designs and presents them in an impressive way on large-format limited edition prints. Curator: John Colton, Browse Gallery Berlin


"With her daring, spectacular imagery and sometimes downright shameless creativity, Hipgnosis became the most influential cover design agency in the world." (Peter Gabriel)


An exhibition of the Ludwiggalerie, Schloss Oberhausen in cooperation with the Browse Gallery Berlin, in collaboration with Aubrey Powell".

Vernissage: 25.05.2024, 19 Uhr

UK Women - British Photography between Social Criticism and Identity

28 photographic positions from the United Kingdom

26.05.2024 bis 15.09.2024


For the first time, the exhibition focuses on the photographic positions of female photographers from the United Kingdom and shows how the medium of photography has developed since the 1970s.


With strong themes such as social criticism, migration, gender identity, community and diversity, British female photographers have been campaigning for equality since the 1970s, but also for their own artistic language. They question British traditions and outdated role clichés. With humour and self-irony, they paint a haunting and sensitive picture of a society in upheaval. In doing so, they repeatedly place themselves at the center of their own artistic practice and confidently formulate their claim to equality. As different as the positions presented here may be, they are united by their irrepressible will to artistic, social and societal autonomy. In doing so, they skilfully use different strategies and concepts from documentary photography to applied photography and artistic photography. The exhibition impressively demonstrates this and presents 28 artistic positions with around 200 works by female photographers from three generations. In cooperation with IKS PHOTO.

Vernissage: Samstag, 21. September 2024 um 19 Uhr

What's there to laugh about? The comic art of WALTER MOERS

From Captain Bluebear, the Little Asshole and the fantastic continent of Zamonia

22.09.2024 bis 19.01.2025


As a brilliant double talent, as a drawing author or writing draughtsman, Walter Moers conceived a wide variety of characters like no other in Germany and told their stories with wit and enigma. The sailor's yarn-spinning Captain Bluebear, whose tall tales amuse not only the children to this day, the sometimes deep black humor that THE comic cult figure of the 1990s, the politically completely incorrect little asshole exudes, or the incomprehensible new continent of Zamonia, which Moers equips with the greatest ease around his alter ego Hildegunst von Mythenmetz with subtle, sometimes bizarre comedy. A cosmos of comic art like no other. All these characters and stories are presented in original drawings, puppets and animations with special attention to the special humor of their creator. It's not just with an asshole in oil that Moers caricatures the museum's business. It promises to be an enjoyable tour!

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