Großes Schloss (Aktuell)


Rolf Kauka, the German Walt Disney, and his cult foxes

10.06.2018 bis 09.09.2018


In October 1953 the German equivalent of Mickey Mouse began its triumphal march. Fix and Foxi were quickly allocated their own magazine along with a lively bunch of characters including Grandma Eusebia, Lupinchen, Uncle Fax and the raven Knox. Lupo came through as the secret star. Rolf Kauka created an entire world of his own figures for the national market. The fact that these all still enjoy high popularity – multicoloured fun for both kids and grown-ups – is a nod to their quality and farsightedness.


As with Disney he didn't draw his figures himself but employed a complete team of illustrators operating under the Kauka trademark. From the 1960s the onslaught of the Franco-Belgian licensed series such as Gaston, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Spirou and Fantasio made their way to Germany through the Fix and Foxi magazines. The influence Rolf Kauka exerted here on the development of comics can hardly be overestimated.


The exhibition shows the cosmos of Rolf Kauka (1917–2000) in the form of original drawings, sketches, documents, contemporary magazines, short films and a whole lot more. Kauka's estate was taken over in 2014 by Dr. Stefan Piëch and his company Your Family Entertainment, and the exhibits that until now have hardly been shown come from this extensive treasure.

Kleines Schloss (Aktuell)

Kunst & Kohle [Art & Coal] – an exhibition project of the RuhrKunstMuseen

GLÜCK AUF! Comics and cartoons from Kumpel Anton to Jamiri and Walter Moers

02.05.2018 bis 09.09.2018


Although the topic of coal is not a focus area of comics and cartoons there are still a wide range of interesting positions. Participating artists have weaved stories all about the "black gold" in completely different ways and methods.


The Ducks in the Ruhr Region hang around during the day whilst Dorgathen's Stahlgolem and Ulf K's Hieronymus B. report about structural transition. Dachma recalls the coal dust in the air and Ulrike Martens lets her coal-caked hummingbird flutter up high. Kreitz and Mrozek guide us didactically into the area of Middle Ages mining whilst Wieser narrates the story of an artist. That coal also plays a role beyond the borders of the Ruhr Region is demonstrated by Walter Moers together with Florian Biege who take us on a trip to the distant empire of Zamonia. Special guests make an appearance in the form of Kumpel Anton drawn by Otto Berenbrock and Opa Hausen by Dirk Trachternach.


+ Otto Berenbrock + Dachma + Hendrik Dorgathen + Moritz Götze + Jan Gulbransson + Jamiri + Ulf K. + Ralf König + Isabel Kreitz/Peter Mrozek + Ralf Marczinczik + Ulrike Martens + Walter Moers/Florian Biege + Steff Murschetz + Dirk Trachternach + Thorsten Wieser +


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